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Project Consultancy

Our unique project consultancy service offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ of services and recommendations to manage a project from start to finish.

Each site is unique and each consultancy is therefore tailored to the specific needs of the site. Our all-inclusive consultancy package typically includes site analysis, planting design, recommendations, preparation and management instructions, and a range of specialist services.

In our experience the most successful projects adhere to the following system:

1. Site assessment - including fertility testing, pH analysis, etc.

2. Site specific project report including design plan, timetable of actions, community engagement, etc.

3. Detailed ground and seed bed preparation instructions - (ploughing, rotovation, etc).

4. Recommendations on the species or products, how they should be sown, and any other specialised services required.

5. Site specific instructions on seasonal cutting regimes, weeding advice, etc.

Although this is the standard process a customised consultancy package can be provided for research projects, experimental investigations, etc. For examples of such projects please see Case studies.

We work in association with a number of specialist contractors and advisors with expertise in related areas. For example:
- landscape contractors
- landscape architects
- soil scientists
- ecologists
- structural engineers
- construction industry contractors

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