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Our specially designed range of high quality wildflower seed mixes suit a variety of needs - from highly colourful mixes for public spaces to ecological mixes for habitat restoration projects.

For further information on pricing and ordering please refer to our catalogue.

Please note
: For projects larger than 1000 square metres we strongly recommend that a consultancy visit is conducted by one of our staff to ensure success. For more information on this service see Project consultancy.
Hi-Colour Mixes
Vibrant combinations of visually attractive wildflowers.
(For gardens and urban areas)

Ecological Habitat Mixes
Designed to provide the maximum benefit to biodiversity.

Bee Seed Mix
Provides nectar for native bees and other pollinators.
(For gardens and urban areas)

Woodland Bulbs
Used to enhance woodland and semi-shade areas.

Bespoke habitat mixes
Customised seed mixes for specific sites or purposes.

Yellow Rattle
  • Semi-parasitic species used to reduce vigorous species and increase native wildflower populations.
  • Always collected from existing species-rich meadows in Ireland.

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