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Specialised services

Our extensive experience in growing wildflowers has enabled us to develop a range of specialised methods and techniques that are available within the comprehensive package of services we provide.

For more information on these specialised services just follow the links below.

Hydroseeding and erosion control
Particularly relevant for habitat restoration, industrial sites, steep gradients, and riverbanks.

Disc Seeding
Useful for 'over seeding' of other mixtures and for sowing Yellow Rattle.

Invasive Species Management
Our approach uses several methods and strategies to establish vegetation as quickly as possible - after removal of invasive species.

Seed Harvesting
Collection and processing using sustainable
biodiversity friendly methods.

Bespoke Habitat Mixes
Customised seed mixes for specific sites or purposes.

Training and Workshops
Training in specialised techniques; educational and community workshops.

Experimental Research
Examining various aspects of habitat creation and development.

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